The 15:5 Church Advisory Team is composed of a broad demographic of church members who represent various ministry areas.  We meet monthly with our pastor for prayer and to seek the Lord regarding important decisions involving our church.  This group will continue to operate until the church has identified those who will serve as elders.

The members of the 2021 Advisory Team are:

  • Garth & Jennifer Bergen

  • Barney Borsheim

  • Marvin Fege

  • Gaylene Johnston

  • Pastor Lou Leventhal

  • Kaurie May

  • Jean Pfeifer

  • Bradie Plumb

  • Cecilia Robertson

  • Ken Van Rees

15:5 Church Treasurer:  

  • Winston Gokavi, CA

15:5 Finance Committee:  

  • Winston Gokavi, CPA, CA — Treasurer

  • Kaurie May, CPA, CA

  • Katie Pfeifer, CPA, CMA

  • Pastor Lou Leventhal