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Free Gift From 15:5 Church!

RightNow Media has been called Netflix for the Church.  Excellent Bible Teachers, Video Bible Studies for all ages & stages of life, Age-Appropriate Videos for Children, Youth, & Adults.  We would like to give RightNow Media to you as a free gift!


RightNow Media – www.rightnow.org/Library


Contact Pastor Lou at lou@15-5.ca for a free subscription to RightNow Media as our gift to you, with no strings attached! 15:5 Church pays the monthly subscription fee. There will never be any cost to you when you subscribe, and you can cancel at any time.  All that we need is your e-mail address to send you an invitation from RightNow Media.  

Your name will never be added to a mailing list by signing up for RightNow Media, unless you request to do so.