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Real-Life Groups have finished this session -

but will resume soon!

How can I understand how to apply what the Bible is saying? 

Can people really change?

Does anyone know or care what's going on in my life? 

Am I the only person who has these questions about what Jesus meant?

What does it look like to live out my faith at home, school, and work?

You are NOT alone! We all have struggles, questions, and difficulties in life. 

We're all in different places on our spiritual journeys - and God intends for us

to help one another in our spiritual growth. Real-Life Groups will help you learn with, and from others who have some of the same questions that you do. 

You don't need to sign up! Just join via the ZOOM Link below on Thursdays @ 7:15 p.mIt's okay if you have to miss the occasional Thursday night. We understand!

Please note: Real-Life Groups are NOT held the last Thursday of each month to encourage people to participate in Praise and Prayer (the last Sunday of each month).

Format (beginning at 7:15 p.m.):
Large Group Gathering — Led by Pastor Lou ( 20 minutes)

  • Everyone signs into the large group together.

  • Opening Worship Song/Prayer

  • 5-minute review of Sunday's sermon

  • Q & A Time — Your questions. What wasn't clear from Sunday's Message?


Real-Life Break Out Groups — Led by Various Leaders ( 60-75 minutes)
You will go to the same Break-Out Group each week after the Large Group Gathering.

  • Each week a new person will be interviewed with questions from “Secret Identity Questions” Same questions each week.

  • Testimonies of answered prayer or Seeing God at Work. 

  • 4-5 Discussion/Application Questions (both Leaders & participants will receive these no later than Tuesday evening).

  • What has been one highlight or struggle for you in the past week?

  • What one thing do you want to pray that God will build into your life from recent sermons or your own time alone in God’s Word?      

  • How can we pray for you?

  • Close in prayer for one another.