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How to Forgive When It’s Hard


“If another believer sins, rebuke that person; then if there is repentance, forgive. Even if that person wrongs you seven times a day and each time turns again and asks forgiveness, you must forgive.”


The apostles said to the Lord, “Show us how to increase our faith.” — (Luke 17:3-5, NLT)


We all agree that forgiveness is a beautiful idea until we have to practice it. — C. S. Lewis


When you ask a friend what it means to be a Christian, what do you think their response might be?  I think that one of the right answers would be: “people who are so overwhelmed and transformed by God’s love, grace, and forgiveness, that they can’t help sharing it with everyone else.” Unfortunately, that definition of a Christian would not be the first thought to enter most people’s minds.  But shouldn’t it be?


Biblical forgiveness isn’t easy because it takes faith!  Not “head-knowledge,” but actually adjusting your behaviour to line up with what God says in His Word.  Forgiveness also takes a deep dependence on God’s Spirit to be able to turn away from revenge, holding a grudge, and experiencing peace after someone has injured you.


The blessings of walking in grace and forgiveness are innumerable and precious. Although difficult, forgiveness is not impossible. This Sunday we will look at some misconceptions that hinder forgiveness, as well as some Biblical & practical steps to aid the difficult commandment to forgive others.


15:5 Church wants to be a place that reflects the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus in all that we do.  We don’t always get it right, but we want to keep striving to be better at it.  That happens one heart at a time.


Real Life Groups are an excellent way to incorporate Biblical truth into every area of our lives.  Consider participating in one.


Hopefully we’ll see you this Sunday – live or on YouTube.


As always, I’m available for coffee or lunch.  Just drop me a note and we’ll figure out the best time.


Grateful for God’s transformative love and forgiveness,



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