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15:5 Kids

We Are Making Some Changes

​It has been exciting to see our 15:5 Kids' ministry grow over the past year.  With this growth we have felt the need to restructure our children's ministry in an attempt to better support our 15:5 families.

We realize that every change we make potentially could have both positive and negative impacts on our families. We thank-you for your patience as we implement these changes.  We are always open to constructive feedback for better ways to serve our children and families.

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New Classroom Age Divisions

Beginning on February 11, we are excited to be offering a new Toddler Class which will take place in the party room (where the Grade 4-7 group previously met.) We have had families express a need for this added age group - and are thankful for those who have already stepped forward to help implement it. We still need some more people to volunteer once a month to help make this class sustainable.

We have also felt the need to reduce the age-span of our other classes on Sunday mornings*. We will now have a Kindergarten to Grade 2 class and a Grade 3 to Grade 5 class. These classes will meet in separate theatres on Sunday mornings. Please watch for signs starting February 11 indicating which theatre your children need to be dropped off at - or ask at the Welcome Table if you need help finding the right room.

*Some accommodations may be made between the classes on a case by case basis.

Returning to the Theatre

We are also making a slight change to the procedure for returning to the theatre. On the Sundays with 15:5 Kids' programming, after the teaching time the children will return to the theatre, find their parents, and sit with them. On these Sundays we will no longer have our children come to the front.  Since they have just finished a teaching time designed especially for them, they won't need this additional time at the front of the theatre. During our Family Sunday (on the last Sunday of the month) we will still invite children forward for a special teaching time just for them.

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Grade 6-7 Options

You may have noticed that we no longer have a class for the Grade 6-7 students. Although we will no longer have a class specifically for this age group, there are some options. We are looking for helpers with the younger children's classrooms - so if your older child would like to help out in this ministry - please talk to Di Timm. We also believe at this age, your child is able to sit in the large theatre with you for church. We are aways impressed with the spiritual maturity of our 15:5 Kids - and believe this is a great opportunity for them to grow even more.

Volunteers Needed!!!

With all of these changes beginning on February 11, we are in need of additional volunteers to help out with teaching and helping in the three different 15:5 Kids classrooms. If you would be willing to help out just once each month - it will help to make these changes sustainable. Please contact our Children's Ministry Director, Di Timm if you would be willing to invest in the lives of our 15:5 Kids.

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