The Gift of Expectancy


The First Week of Advent


Dear 15:5 Family & Friends,


As much as I dislike waiting, I also don’t like Christmas decorations coming out at Costco in September.  I think that stores put out all their holiday candy early – that way you have to buy it twice.  The first time when you buy it for its intended purpose – then when you have to replace it because you ate it all before you gave it!


This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent.  Advent is a word that means “arrival.”  Historically the Church celebrated Advent as a time of personal reflection, confession, and, repentance in preparation for the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  Eventually the idea of adding a focus on the Second Coming of Jesus also became a part of the Advent season for the Church as well.  Our worship at 15:5 Church this season we’ll both look back to His coming, and forward to His coming again.


Wait for Christmas with purpose and expectancy this year.  I want to encourage all of us to make a concerted effort to make this season about Jesus, not about us.  Use the Daily Advent Readings that many at 15:5 helped to write this year as part of your daily Quiet Time with the Lord.  Pray and plan about what you are going to give for the Great Commission Offering, as well as for Gift Bags for Porteous Lodge.  Our church and other ministries also need your financial support.  Find ways to serve and invite others to be a part of your family’s celebration this year.  Invite friends, family, and neighbours to our various Advent & Christmas activities.  Expect God to bless and honour taking your focus off of yourself and putting it on Him and others.


Grateful that together we can wait with expectation for all that this season will hold,




Image by Tim Mossholder

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