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In the Beginning, God . . . 

Scientists are now discovering that there are parts of our brains that seem specifically dedicated to appreciating beauty for beauty’s sake alone.  In other words, there are no “evolutionary advantages” to enjoying beauty other than the shear pleasure of doing so!   When God said that His creation was good, we only understand a small portion of the “tip of the iceberg” of God’s limitless inventiveness and imagination.  Far from being utilitarian alone, creation is meant to reflect the Great Designer’s glory, beauty, and majesty.  At the conclusion of all that He had made, God declared that it was very good!


In days ahead we will explore the devastation caused by sin entering the world.  Yet it is critical to understand that from the tiniest component of a microscopic cell, to the brilliance of the brightest star, creation still allows us to experience the reverberations of what once was.  God not only created all the beauty there is, He designed us with the ability to appreciate and enjoy it!  Those who have experienced God’s grace and salvation will spend eternity on the redeemed and renewed earth, basking in the original radiance that God’s creation was meant to reflect.  And once again, it will all be very good!


Join us Sunday as we learn more together!

Pastor Lou

Image by Tim Mossholder

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As we meet each week at Landmark Cinemas, we continue to need help to serve in many different areas.

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