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God Doesn’t Wink at Sin


There is nothing humorous about sin and the havoc it wreaks.  We play with sin as if it were a mere distraction, but God sees sin as the deadly toxin that it is.  Sin is like radiation poisoning that will eventually kill all those who are infected by it.  Without intervention by God’s grace, we would all be dead because of the effects of sin.


Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.”  God loves people, but God also hates sin.  He doesn’t dislike sin, or prefer that we wouldn’t sin.  God detests sin, because sin mars, destroys, kills, maims, pollutes, and renders His creation unable to fulfill the plans that He has for us.  Sin causes people to turn from God and one another.  Sin stops people from loving God and other people as God intended.  The sinfulness of the human race caused God to flood the world and annihilate all but those who obeyed Him by entering the ark that would prove to be their salvation.  You might not like that God – but He is the God of the Bible, Sovereign to do as He sees fit.


This Sunday we will see in Genesis that God chose to destroy His very creation because of their burgeoning sin.  Only Noah and his family were saved because of their obedience to God’s instructions.  Although God promised to never destroy the world again by a flood, He will destroy it by blazing fire before the Great Judgment that we will all face one day.  His warning to us is to turn from cherishing sin, and turn to worshipping Him.  You can’t do both!


Join us Sunday as we see that God doesn’t wink at sin — although Jesus cried because of it.  God’s love and grace are greater than our sin, but we won’t experience either by osmosis!  We need to choose Him and turn from sin to receive the life and love He freely offers. We're here to help one another walk with God, not hampered by sin.  We do that in humility - knowing how much grace each of us needs, and how much love and mercy we have received.  We're on the journey together — and we welcome one another with open arms.  ​


Pastor Lou

Image by Tim Mossholder

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As we meet each week at Landmark Cinemas, we continue to need help to serve in many different areas.

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