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Giving Ourselves Away for the Gospel!!!

This Christmas we are challenging our 15:5 Church family to consider doing something very radical for Christmas. Let's make Christmas about Jesus, and NOT about us. Let's put our wallets and financial resources at the feet of Jesus.

Most of us have been impacted financially over the past few years - through Covid and now inflation and rising interest rates. The natural thing to do is to be very cautious with our finances. Of course, we need to be wise stewards of the money for which we've been entrusted. But here is the challenge - forgo Christmas gifts for yourself and other adult family and friends who are followers of Jesus in your life. Instead, pray about spending all of the money that you would spend on gifts for yourself, and give it to the King and His Kingdom.

There are 2 specific ways that we will focus our giving this Christmas as the 15:5 Church family. Both of them are beyond our own ministry needs and Kingdom-focused. These are invitations, not expectations. Giving generously is one of the ways that we live radically for Jesus!

Advent Red Flourish.png

1. Great Commission Offering


Giving to Missions Globally and in Canada through the Canadian National Baptist Convention. 


This year, we are suggesting a church-wide goal of $17,500! It will mean sacrifice - but we can choose to honour God by honouring God through our giving. Please mark your donations "GCO."


Advent Red Porteous.png

2. Gift Bags for Residents of the Porteous Lodge 


This will be the sixth year that we will give gifts to the less fortunate at the Porteous Lodge. Many of the residents have no family, and the gifts that we give will be all that they receive this Christmas.


Purchasing an item or two for a resident in the name of Jesus can bring joy and happiness to those who are alone or needy. If you can't shop, you are welcome to give a cash donation to help us purchase items on the residents' Christmas Wish-List.  

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